We are killing the January blues by planning all of our holidays (vacations) for the whole year. This obviously includes one in the upcoming months which means getting ourselves to the gym but also investing in those amazing beach products that we just have to have. HAVE TO. From swimwear to lotion, these brands kill it!


Mesh-trimmed printed bandeau swimsuit


Classic Stella. A great little swimsuit with citrus thrown into the mix to spice it up. Perfect for the beach of St. Tropez with a giant floppy hat and some killer shades. Don't worry, it holds up so you wont be exposing yourself any time soon.

Charbonnel et Walker

Crystallised Ginger


Call us strange for putting this in our dream holiday list but there's method to our madness! We promise! Ginger is the best thing for travel sickness if you don't want to pop all those pesky pills. Enjoy the best of the best when it comes to crystallised Ginger - Charbonnel et Walker. We all know you've tried their chocolates so why not see if this helps.

Sloane Stationary

Tattoo notebook - Sink or Swim

£39 (extra for personalisation)

This notebook just seemed perfect for writing our memoirs, indulging ourselves in the places we will visit in 2017 or helpful for before the holiday even starts by writing your "must go in suitcase" list. With so many designs and personalisation available Sloane Stationary really have the cutest touch.

Floral Meredith linen wedge sandals


We've gone bonkers for these amazing Wedges. Lay us down in a field and we would blend right in with the flowers, bee and ladybird design scattered all over these killer wedges. Or just walk up and down the beach looking and feeling great!

Tabula Rasa

Anat Jacket


When those chilli evenings set in and all you want to do is stay in your new bikini. Enjoy keeping your body out by popping this cute jacket on by Tabula Rasa. Crochet, tasseling and bright aztec design you can convert it from day to evening with the whip of a jumpsuit.

'Hailey' sandals


From insane wedges to the cutest of sandals Minique Lhuillier designs the sweetest sandals with a bunch of embellishment over the middle strap. with a small block heel and supportive straps you can still look great, but the ability to walk becomes a little easier than a killer heel.

'Honey' hat


Remember the "wish you were here" and the "do not disturb" hats, both by the genius that is Eugina Kim. Well the Honey hat is her new thing and we are just as obsessed with it. We are on the beach, cocktail in hand, sand in between our toes and oh a beautiful hunk (do people still say that?) by our side... yes that is what we imagine with this hat. Surprising what a hat can do. 

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