Denim has become back at large and we are happy to jump on the denim express. Now we're not talking Britney and Justin reunion in their excessive matching denim outfits, but we have investigated some of the best jeans, most embellished and the damn extravagant.

Embellished ripped boyfriend jeans


An excessive luxury, but we want these straight in our wardrobe (with a bit of saving). Perfectly cut with embellishment curving around the pockets and down the side you can style this perfectly with heels and a saint Laurent black blazer, or flats and a clean white t-shirt.


Alana cropped distressed high-rise skinny jeans


Looking for the best cut jeans that are the most comfortable and your size is always right? J Brand is he brand for you. Specialising in jeans with all different types of denim and styles, get it right this January.


Chuck Taylor All Star '70 Denim high-top sneakers

£ 81

When looking for trainers, believe it or not our cupboards are stocked with converse, and these high top denim ones are perfect for this trend. These trainers will never go out of style (at least we hope not).

Embroidered denim jacket with shearling

£ 2,950

I think if my bofriend owned this jacket I would be stealing it, everyday, until they demand it back, and there would still be a power struggle over it. From the warm shearling lining, to the cool tiger and slogan on the back and the applique creeping over the shoulder, could this be the ltimate denim dream?


Nightingale Small denim and leather tote

£ 1,250

We don’t know anyone that doesn’t love the nightingale tote bag. Splash denim on top and you’ve hit the trend on the head with a particle and stylish bag.


Denim jacket

£ 780

Longer and more fitted than the standard denim jacket,, Saint Laurent have pinched in the waist with a denim belt which allows this jacket to be worn with nothing underneath. Pair with a maxi skirt in the summer or for a more structured look a pair of black cigarette trousers would work beautifully.


Denim dungarees with appliqué

£ 1,995

Valentino always have a great way of spinning previous decades on their head and making them come out even more fabulous. Take dungarees, butterflies, tailoring and a sprinkling of dip dye and you have these bad boys hanging in your wardrobe.

Finding the right denim for you isn't always the easiest, especially with good quality, high design. The Fussy Shopper is always there ready to ensure you don't need a coat hanger to help pull the jeans up. From finding the best styles, to getting your favourite pair tailored to fit you perfectly, get in contact with us for any of your denim nightmares.

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