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Unusual Father's Day Gift Ideas | 5 Presents He Definitely Won't Have!

A little something different

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Still struggling? Don't worry we still have suggestions for Father's Day!


DIY Biscuit Tin

I think at one point or another in our lives our Dad's have done a bit of DIY for us. If yours is anything like mine then his hobby seems to be DIY and is always first in line to get the spirit level out and make a trip to IKEA. This DIY biscuit tin provides the perfect combo of chocolate, biscuits and you are also able to customise the paint tin to ensure he knows who is top DIYer in the family.


Corrine Cocktail Shaker with Strainer

Why not treat him to a really special addition to his bar, alcohol cabinet this Father's Day! Not only is this a bit of a show piece, it also lets him show off his cosmo cocktail making skills!


Personalised Marble Board

We love nothing more than a bit of cheese and red wine and perhaps a cracker or two in the Fussy offices on occasion. We also know that our Dad's love the same thing. These modern marble boards are the perfect gift this Father's Day for the cheese lover but also have a touch of sentiment as they are able to be personalised on the wooden section.


Stag slippers

If you're fed up of seeing your dads old and broken (can we also say smelly) old slippers laying around the house, these Stag slippers from Shipton & Herring are perfect for a bit of luxury and a great replacement. Look after him and enhance his style with these beauties.


Backgammon Board

If you are part of our Newsletter or our social media you will notice that we are currently championing the Alexandra Backgammon Boards. Each enchanting design held in limited stock or you can completely customise from scratch, the boards will keep you entertained for hours. Even the checker pieces themselves can be customised with a specific stone, colour or initial.

I'm sure your Dad would love this as much as ours on a rainy afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate...or some malt whisky.

We are still taking orders for Father's Day, but you are running out of time, especially if you would like something personalised. Get in contact as soon as possible for a quote for a personalised gift or if you have left it last minute. As always, we are more than happy to help.

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