Yes, we are jumping on the bandwagon. We are the cliché.

New Year, New you and all of those other beautiful new year quotes. After the festive period filling our socks with mince pies and turkey weve decided January is our fitness month!

So, of course if we are doing this, full heartedly, we want you to join in and what better way to get motivated than brand new gym clothes…any excuse


MIU MIU - Astro Running embellished sneakers

£ 980

Im sorry, what was that? You want us to slow down because our trainers are so fabulous. Ok, so we know these may not be the most practical trainers, but they are trainers! Start power walking in style with Miu Miu amazing new astro embellished sneakers.


FENDI - Printed padded ski jacket


You’ve seen it in our blog posts, here at Fussy we love to Ski, and if you're anything like us you will want to stand out from the crowd whilst being warm. This jacket provides both! We love the bold printed ski jacket, especially with the peekaboo characters. Have a bit of fun with your jacket this ski season.


FLAGPOLE SWIM - Warren cutout color-block halterneck swimsuit


January is a great time to take up swimming, Christmas has been hectic and heading back to work is pretty daunting. Go for a swim and keep it all together with this amazing blue swimsuit from flagpole swim.


Lucas Hugh - Aurora One Piece


Who said exercise needs to be dull, prance around and make yourself feel great in this one piece! This piece has great bold colours, with a flattering design that always supports the right places. It also ensures that you look great!


TRACK & BLISS - Sweet Escape scallop-edged performance bra


When you get off that bike, bright red and dripping with sweat, be assured that you look amazing. Eherm. Scallop edged swimwear and sportswear being an amazing trend this season and this black performance bra encompasses this design but also adds a femininity to it.


BLITZ - Firepower muay thai leather boxing gloves


This Girl Can – box! We are all about girl power at Fussy and a bit of boxing never hurt anyone. Release the inner anger from work issues, or just tone up those (dare we say it) bingo wings and grab your very own boxing gloves so you don't have to share with anyone else.

    We are friends with so many great sporting brands and retreats and are always more than happy to put together sporting hampers to kick start the year or recommend any kind of sporting or health retreat. Get in contact with us to start the new you, this new year!

    Any enquiries:

    Email us at


    Call us on 0333 012 4021

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