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He is impossible... buy for 

We all know that there is this notion of finding men the perfect gift is the impossible. That is if they haven’t already told you what they like or in fact exactly the specific thing that they want. We can and will generalise by buying boyfriends that football shirt and dads some tools for the garage. Now we aren’t saying these are bad suggestions but instead we’ve broken it down a little easier for you so you might find something a bit more unique

The Tech Wiz

Gadgets are great, but a tech wiz will have them all so you will want something different. I’ve sourced some of the most outrageous gadgets before such as electronic film props or battling robots, but something perhaps more subtle and within a price range could be fitting. From headphones to tablet covers you have it but what about this super cool thermal camera that you can attach to your phone. FLIR ONE Thermal Camera, their vision – so people can see the world differently.


Sick of buying him padded cycling shorts or that fluorescent jacket? Check out these super cool Recon "Heads Up Display Smart Eyewear" cycling glasses. They combine performance eyewear with a power cycle computer. This means linking your heart rate monitors etc. is made super easy with their WIFI and Bluetooth ability.

Car lover

Something a little different that no one else has seen, exclusive and limited edition, all things that scream car lovers to me! These beautifully crafted Bentley Old Number Two cufflinks by TMB art metal are created actually from the cars metal and are such a great talking point!


We all know he’s out there, so I dint know why we avoid using the term hipster. He IS hipster, he’s cool so he should be on point, sort him out with these boots by FOLK for the autumn and he will be. Suede, tan and comfy, there will be no complaints.

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