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Classically Kelly - The Details

Care for a little bit of history on the Kelly Bag?

Did you know that the Kelly was actually an unnamed bag by Hermès? It was created in the 1930’s by Robert Dumas and didn’t find its fame in the bag world until the 1950’s. It was made extremely popular and given its “now” name (Kelly) as Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, shielded her then pregnant stomach with the bag.

Each Hermès bag is hand crafted by an artisan who take the bag through the stages, from start to finish and then imprint their own signature stamp along the inside arm of the bag. Have you heard of the Horseshoe Hermès bag? These bags are especially made and extremely unique, usually created with 2 or more colours, custom stitching and a tiny horseshoe stamp hidden under the flap.

Let's Talk Leathers!

There are many calf skin leathers for Hermès bags, some more popular than others, but Togo, Swift, Epsom and Clemence are some of the most popular! Calfskin leather handbags – which make up most of Birkins and Kellies – are made from bull calves and sometimes from goatskin, while the lining of the bags is usually in goatskin.

Epsom - A lightweight yet very rigid and robust leather that holds it shape extremely well, with a man made leather print, the bag also has a slightly better water resistance.

Taurillon Clemence - A luxurious look, but softer and thicker bull calf leather than togo, a lot more of a relaxed leather look with a matte appearance.

Togo - One of the most popular leathers, made from natural bull calf leather with a stunning pebble finish and a scratch resistant grain, which also holds it shape well.

Swift - Is beautifully soft and has a flawless finish, although is definitely prone to scratches!

For more information on the other leathers available, please get in contact and our specialists will gladly talk you through them!

Then there's the exotic skins!

If you're looking for the super luxe Alligator, Crocodile, Ostrich or Lizard, these are the key skins that hold the exotic skin titles. They are exquisite, breath-taking, expensive and generally more of a collector’s item.

Alligator - Sourced mainly from parts of America, the Alligator skin has small scales and creates a more patterned look on the bag.

Crocodile - One of the most popular exotic skins because of its easily recognisable style, large scales and lusciousness. Crocodile is split into two categories - Porosus and Niloticus, and this is due to the original origins of the crocodile.

Ostrich - Instantly recognisable by the polka dot style leather that stands out especially in the more vibrant colour options.

Lizard - A lot more rare than the other leathers, Lizard is seen on a lot more vintage pieces as it's rarely used on the newer pieces. Exceptionally delicate, but beautifully delicate.

And finally... let's talk sizes!

The Kelly bags come in 5 different sizes - 20cm, 25cm, 28cm, 32cm, and 35cm.

Kelly Bag Size Reference:

20cm: 8" L x 3.5" W x 6" H

25cm: 10”L x 3.5”W x 7.5” H

28cm: 11" L x 4.5" W x 8" H

32cm: 12.5" L x 5" W x 9.5" H

35cm: 13.75" L x 5" W x 10.25" H

Why not check out our The Birkin Blog for information on colours!

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