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How To Source An Authentic Hermès Bag | The Fussy Shopper

The Fussy Shopper guide for everything Hermès!

Let's start with, this is no ordinary bag - these are Hermès bags! The Fussy Shopper is a reputable reseller of all Hermès bags, from pre-owned, vintage, Horseshoe, Birkin to Medor we have an amazing selection. We are lucky enough to offer this large but exclusive collection to our clients and offer global courier service.

How do we have access?

As a company, we only use the most trustworthy suppliers for anything vintage, preowned or even brand new but being resold bag. For Hermès bags, we actually only use a couple of suppliers that we have used for years and are highly reputable.

What is the normal way of getting an Hermès bag?

There is no normal way unfortunately. We are more than happy to give tips to our customers but the success of this process is persistence and time. The normal conditions of purchasing an Hermès bag is being a repeat customer of the store. In some stores you also have to live within a certain radius.

Are we trustworthy?

In short, YES! Of course we are. But we understand the caution when it comes to spending such a large amount on a hard to obtain Hermes bag.

How do you know the bag isn't fake?

To start, we would never risk not only our reputation but also the happiness of our clients. We would NEVER sell fakes. This can be confirmed because we always provide original receipts for the majority of our bags. As you can imagine this is exceptionally difficult for our vintage pieces but these have been authenticated by our experts.

Why an increase in price from shops?

We are always completely transparent with all of our customers in regards to the pricing of these bags. When obtaining these bags they have moved through several suppliers to get to us. This does mean that there is an increase in price as each seller has added their fee on. We do pride ourselves however in being as reasonable as possible with our pricing structure of these bags.

To enquire about your next Hermès bag, please email us at or call us on 0333 012 4021.

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