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Jimmy Choo's & Gold iPhone X | 10 Personalised Luxury Gifts For 2017

Whether you want to save or splurge on personalised gifts, here's our top picks for you!

Take a look at our Top 5 Save and Splurge Personalised Luxury Gifts!

So we all know that personalised gifts are just simply amazing... they're bespoke and personal to the recipient and it's so much more thoughtful, and you can't buy thoughtfulness! So we've put together the Top 5 'Save' Personalised Gifts and the Top 5 'Splurge' Luxury Personalised Gifts for you.

Of course we much prefer them to be tailored to the recipient in question taking into account their hobbies, likes and dislikes, favourite brands etc., and that's where The Fussy Shoppers specialised gifting service comes in. Our contact details are at the bottom of this blog and we can't wait to help you find that perfect gift! If you're just looking for personalised gift inspo, then here goes!

Top 5 Luxury Personalised Gifts under £150

Personalised Hamper - Prices start at £100+

The great thing about Hampers is that they can be filled with all the recipients favourite things which makes it super personalised! Presented in a beautiful box, we really can help you WOW your recipient with this gift!

Monica Vinader Fiji Friendship Bracelet - Priced at £125

This iconic Fiji 18ct gold-plated friendship bracelet by Monica Vinader is a stunning bracelet that works wonders when stacked with multiple bracelets or on its own for an understated yet youthful look. It can be personalised with the recipients initials, special date etc. There are lots of colours to choose and options of silver, gold, rose gold etc.

Personalised Framed House Illustration - Prices start at £80+

For those that have everything, and love their house to bits... a beautiful illustration of their house in a frame for them to hang up is such a lovely idea!

Personalised Laurent Perrier Gift Set - Priced at £100

So we're sat here in our TFS Office trying to think of whether we know any women that don't love champagne and the answer is... no we don't! This is so much more than the average Champagne gift though! This Laurent Perrier Gift Set with 2 champagne glasses can be personalised with any glitter colour of your choice and can have a personalised label on the front of the bottle with any message you like!

Personalised Hammock - Priced at £100

This unique Personalised Hammock is such a great gift, especially once personalised with wise words and a special message to your loved one, or even just their name, or whatever you like really!

Top 5 'Splurge' Luxury Personalised Gifts

Custom Made-to-order Jimmy Choos - £POA

What woman doesn't love shoes?! Especially when they're Jimmy Choo! You can choose their favourite style of shoe, the heel height, the material, and then get their initials or a date put on the bottom of the shoe! You can't get much more of a luxury personalised gift than that!

NOA Personalised Fine Jewellery - £POA

Whether you choose the Name Necklace or the Initials Pendant, both are absolutely stunning White Gold with diamond pieces. Personal, discrete and contemporary, the NOA pieces are truly unique.

Personalised Hermès Birkin - £POA

Hermès Birkins are renowned for being the ultimate luxury handbag of all time, with The Guardian quoting that they're a better investment than stocks and shares! But imagine gifting a Birkin that has been hand-painted with a special memory, picture or words that would melt the recipients heart even more!

24 Carat Gold Customised iPhone X - £POA

We're all using our phones 24/7 these days so what better to gift than a 24 Carat Gold iPhone with diamonds! The iPhone X is set to release during September 2018, but there are so many more accessories that can be customised like this too!

Personalised Louis Vuitton Luggage Set - £POA

There's no better feeling than having all matching luggage when you go away on vacation! And even better when its all personalised Louis Vuitton! With a large range of luggage pieces to choose from, we can source a full set of your choice all with personalisation of your choice!

There's plenty more where these ideas came from, but if any of the above gifts tickle your fancy or you want us to help you with gift suggestions to suit that special person in your life, then please get in touch with our Fussy Shoppers!

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