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Oh, its nearly Christmas, did you know?

So the black Friday, cyber weekend, cyber Monday is over. It’s official, as much as you might not want to hear it the count down for Christmas is now upon us.

This now means that if you haven’t grabbed your bargains and thought, to hell with all that fighting over 10% discount, you now need to think about your very own naughty and nice list.

Making a list, checking it twice

Make a list, make a list, oh, make a list. Thinking that you have a list in your head isn’t enough, especially if you are doing the tactical one day Christmas Eve shopping. Writing down names and suggestions to what you think those people would like, helps you buy so much more efficiently especially if you are lacking time.

Getting them something thoughtful

We say it in every blog post but really putting thought into presents is super important if you want to send that treasured gift. Tap into the recipients hobby, favourite past time, or customised – nothing saying special like customisation.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is great, and I hate to say it but yes, especially for the guys (from personal experience I know spending hours shopping with other human beings isn’t always your favourite past time, unless you’re my dad). Online is great, but just a few tricks to it.

1. Check more than one place for those online deals.

2. If buying multiple items from one place, ensure that you mark them off the order sheet on arrival – nothing worse than missing items!

3. Check the items for damage during transit, it sounds pedantic, but trust me damage can happen very easily. Try shipping a glass butterfly dome and it smashing (yes this did happen, it looked like a butterfly massacre).

Shop till you drop

Whether you buy it all in one go or you do it slowly on the upcoming weeks don’t start to hate it. If you’re organised it can actually be very fun. The Fussy Shopper Elves LOVE Christmas present shopping. Remember it’s the one time a year when you can show people how much you love them in one go. But remember if you’re scared of what you’re going to receive… dropping hints never hurt anyone.

If all else fails guys, The Fussy Shopper has its very own Santa's grotto and work shop. We send personalised presentations to suit family and friend members, with unique and beautiful present suggestions. We also deliver the gifts perfectly wrapped, just like they would be like if Father Christmas delivered them.

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