Ok, the January blues have set in, and whats the best way to get over them? To jet off somewhere hot or just more exotic than dreary England. At the Fussy headquarters we have been staring out of the window at the rain, and its inspired to book holidays, and of course do some essential travel shopping. Here are our top travel companions...

'Bag Bugs' trolley


Have we got a Fendi obsession? We think so. The brand just hits every spot with all of our travel expectations. Whether it’s for hot or cold climates Fendi has the ideal item for you to take. The "Bag Bugs" trolly is perfect size for a weekend get away, and we are pretty sure no one else will have one matching on your flight.


Leather-trimmed coated-canvas weekend bag


If a suitcase is not your style, then perhaps this Gucci holdall with amazing painted bird and flower illustrations adorning it will work for you. This bags robustness and surprisingly spacey interior means you can sling your bikinis and sliders in there with no hassle.

Fire Legend

Towel for Two


Why pack two towels when you can pack one giant one! Great for snuggling with your partner on the beach, or, if like me, starfishing and taking over the whole thing. With its cool aztec design and burnt oranges and ocean blues we would lay and take Instagram photos of ourselves all day on this bad boy.

Kawaii in-flight travel bag


The hint is in the title of the product. This cute in flight travel bag is cool, clear and ideal for any bits and bobs you want to keep with you for long haul flights. Our recommendations, headphones, chargers, This Works sleep set and a miniature of vodka.


The Jogger


If I could live in a jogging bottom, this would be my choice. In fact I’d go as far to say, if you made me wear any kind of trouser for life, it might just be these. Cashmere Joggers are the way forward with any travel destination. A beautiful oatmeal colour, these would go great with a comfy tshirt (or double up with a cashmere jumper) and feel the relaxation flow over you on your long haul flight.


Travel Atomiser


This is for you, the passengers around you and your travel partner. Fill up this atomiser with a little Channel Fraiche, and keep yourself fresh for your whole journey. Penhaligon's delightful atomiser ensures that you can get your favourite perfume through security and also guards your from breaking your favourite bottle of perfume in your case (we’ve all been there with explosive shampoos).

This Works



The cheapest and yet the best thing we have ever came across. This Works is a beautiful brand with amazing products, our favourite being the silent night kit. The spray is a dreamy lavender and camomile scent, the haircare mist contains botanical oils that release whilst you sleep and the eyemasks ensure none of those pesky lights interrupt your sleep.

We love putting packages together for those of you who need a travel kit making for you, or if you know someone that absolutely loves traveling and they deserve a gift. Do not hesitate to get in contact for an exciting package delivered straight to your door.

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