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11 Unique Luxury Gift Ideas For The Office | featuring Omar Obaid Artwork

Desk Goals!

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At The Fussy Shopper offices, we have been aimlessly looking outside at the sunshine all day, and have come to the conclusion that as much as we love our office, we want to be outside with an ice-cream. We have however recently renovated and created our ultimate #deskgoals in our office and thought we would share some of the things we have purchased to jazz up and create a more inspiring working environment. 

Ortensia Scented Candle - 300g


If these eyes were peering at you at your desk, we would not be complaining. This Fornasetti candle is absolute stunning with its detailed artwork and the fresh scent that comes when the lid is just taken off. Make your desk an inviting environment with scents that aren't too overpowering but entice you to sit down and do some work.

Vogue Voice of a Century signed book


A coffee table book, that you will actually read! Any vogue subscription is key for anyone working within the fashion industry, however this limited edition book goes straight to our book wish list for birthdays, christmas or perhaps that pay day treat.


by Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso (creator of NASTY GAL) is one of our top inspirations and so her book travels with us at all times, handbag, gym and just sat there looking great on our desk. #GIRLBOSS is inspiring, creative and gives us that kick start where we are having a lul or a day dreaming moment #girlpower.

Oliver Bonas

Fruitful Photo Holder


Everyone loves pineapples, everyone loves gold, everyone loves somewhere to put there photos. This Pineapple photoframe is a delightful addition to a desk, with a hint of personality, let your desk show off your fruity side.



Powerful Bluetooth speaker with up to 24 hours of battery


When working hard day or night, you'll always find great music blasting from our speakers - Britney is still great, right? These B&O are bluetooth, have a long battery life and is extremely aesthetically pleasing. Such a powerful speaker system in such a tiny box.


Meisterstuck white solitaire fountain pen


If you're going all out and want a great pen o right your memoirs, or just business sticky notes then this is the pen for you. We know that the popular item to have would be the ballpoint pen, but theres something more elegant and satisfying about writing with a fountain pen.


Softcover Emoji notebook - Bombshell

21.5cm x 14.5cm


The Fussy Shopper is always exceptionally honest and clear with our customers, we feel as though who needs a notebook with name personalisation when this book says it all with emojis.

Cosmic Decorative Box - Lunar


It's not often that you will hear The Fussy Shopper use the word "cool" however this is exactly what this decorative box is! The Lunar box looks great by itself, but is also a handy storage space for paperclips, hair bobbles or any of those other random items you find sprawled on your desk, can't get rid of, but have nowhere to keep.

Bittersweet Trinket Dish


How beautiful is this Michael Aram Trinket Dish? The detailing on the inside is so delicate and intricate, that we struggle to pop anything on this. When we are wearing outrageous jewellery, it does become difficult to type, so we do tend to pop it in this dish for safe keeping.

Crocodile Pencil Holder - Gold


Although this is a beautiful pencil holder,we have managed to now cram it full of make-up brushes, pens, highlighters and sharpies. We may have to purchase 2 more to be more organised.

Large Blue Original Acrylic Abstract Canvas painting



Invest in good art! We can't recommend it enough. We do however recommend that you actually like the piece of art, as you really don't want to invest for the sake of investing and not actually feeling some kind of emotion or attachment to the piece you choose as it will be hanging on your wall for some length of time (hopefully).

As you can tell we love to organise and declutter, whilst accessorising with amazing unique items. If you would like any further information on how we can do this to your home, wardrobe or you just need some assistance buying a gift for someone who perhaps has just moved into a new job and you would like to buy something for there desk, then do not hesitate to get in contact!

Any enquiries:

Email us at


Call us on 0333 012 4021


As featured in Daily Mail, Spear's Magazine & Elite Traveler


You can also check out our social media for inspiration on all the latest must-haves, luxury designer pieces and lots of unique gifting ideas! You'll find us on Facebook & Instagram!

Any enquiries:

Email us at


Call us on 0333 012 4021

You can also check out our social media for inspiration on all the latest must-haves, luxury designer pieces and lots of unique gifting ideas! You'll find us on Facebook & Instagram!

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