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What Women Want

The girly gift guide

The perfect gift for that lady in your life, mother, daughter, best friend, girlfriend, wife – does it exist? With a little bit of help, of course it does!

Although all differ in relationship to you, they will all want the same thing… something meaningful, a little different but a gift that relates to them. We know that this sounds difficult but it just takes one conversation with her to gauge what she is interested in and how you can adapt a gift specifically to her.

As busy fashionistas at The Fussy Shopper, we know what we would like from our friends. Anything classic, that we can keep, but is also pretty damn cool. Take a personalised Louis Vuitton Agenda for example.

Mums - What is her hobby, gardening? Baking? Dancing? Think outside the box. What about a great new pair of shoes to do all those activities in? A classic pair of Chanel trainers, we wouldn’t say no to!

Girlfriends and Wives, go for gold with this one. We love being pampered, acknowledged that we do a lot for you, but also special. New lingerie (too cliché?) , a limited edition book, headphones for that awful commute to work every day. We would love that!

These are just a few ideas. If you let us know what your partner is interested in, we can do the leg work for you and send you a tailor made presentation with suggestions that link to her hobbies, likes or even favourite colour. Our job is to think outside the box and supply you with an array of gifting ideas so all you have to do is pick your favourite! 

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