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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for her


Valentine's Day is fast approaching and for those of us who have partners, tend to need to drop subtle hints to ensure their better halves provide exactly what the heart is wanting. In our mind this means designer and this possible - hell yes it is.

Heart shaped cape


I mean if this is an article about how to be fabulous, who better to get inspiration from Rhi Rhi herself! Rocking this daring Saint Laurent Heart shape fur, we envy anyone who has the sugar daddy to buy it for them.

Crystal heart pumps


Taking us back it time we think that these Gucci heels are the cutest thing for a rockabilly dance off, or classed up to wear to a romantic meal. The embellished heart on the front adds an element of kitsch and really makes this shoe special.


Ruby Thorned Heart Earrings


Here at The Fussy Shopper we are massive supporters of Shaun Leane. If you haven't heart of this jewellery designer before, google him. NOW. He has created some of the most amazing masterpieces and he ready to wear jewellery is now available through several jewellers and Selfridges (of course). These thorned heart earrings are not only stunning and unique but have a dark edge to them as well.


Oui Bracelet



One of my personal favourite bracelets. I was once told a story from a Dior sales representative that a gentleman came into store and asked for 3 of the OUI bracelets in each of the colour ways. She was extremely curious as to why he wanted 3, and so like any girl had to ask (presuming mistresses were to be the answer). The gentleman simply replied "When I asked my now fiance if she would marry me, she replied Oui, Oui, Oui".

Who said romance is dead.


    Open Heart 18-karat gold diamond ring


    Cute, quirky, oversized, diamonds, 18kt god. Where exactly can a guy go wrong with this? He cant. Come on fellas, get purchasing and make everyones life easier.

    Heart brooch


    Chanel had to make an appearance and what better than a vintage piece! Nothing says love better than an understated beautiful heart brooch that you can wear close to your heart... and its Chanel. Dated back to the 1920's get your love, something truly unique and elusive.

    Have no fear, The Fussy Shopper is here. We realise that all these heart items aren't to everyones taste (we love love, and so we can go over the top with the hear theme), however we also offer great suggestions for those girls who either have everything or want something more personal and understated.

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