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Thoughtful Gifts

Personalised, Luxury, Unique...


A luxury bespoke gifting service like no other!

we find the

Thoughtful, Exclusive & Impossible...


You provide us with a profile of the special person you are gifting to, including their favourite hobbies, interests, favourite brands and your budget.


We supply you with bespoke, thoughtful, unique and personalised gift 

ideas that will be sure to WOW your recipient! You choose your favourite gifts!


We source your chosen gifts for you, arrange any 


and then we beautifully gift wrap the gifts to suit your recipients style.



We package the beautifully wrapped gift and deliver it directly to your chosen destination. Then you become the gifting hero!

Types of Gifts

Personalised Gifts

Personalisation of a gift really helps to add that unique and personal touch. Whether it be hand painted initials on an elusive Maison Goyard passport holder, or an artist painted personalised Hermes Birkin, we can arrange it all!

Our gifting experts work around the clock to find the most unique, rare, impressive and thoughtful gift ideas. We then tailor these ideas to your recipient and arrange the personalisation as well as the personalised gift wrapping.

This is our most popular gifting service as it's luxury bespoke gifting at it's very best, and you don't even have to lift a finger!

Romantic Gifts

Being romantic and thoughtful can sometimes be difficult, but don't worry because our thoughtful experts are here to provide you with a fully bespoke romantic gift service.


So here's one romantic gift idea for you...

A bunch of luxury red roses that last for a whole year (yes the gift that keeps on giving!) Within the bunch of roses, we nestle a beautiful piece of jewellery, designer heels, or handbag - all of which are a girls best friend! 


We source and arrange the whole gift directly to your door for you to gift and you take all the credit! We save you at least 2 full days of the time this would take to put together!

Luxury Gifts

So why use The Fussy Shopper to source luxury gifts you may ask? 

  • If you don't have the time and/or can't get to your local boutique - we arrange everything!

  • If the piece you're looking for is out of stock - we have all the contacts to be able source it!

  • Your experience with designer boutiques is that they won't ship to you if you don't have an account with them or haven't shopped with them before.

  • We take all the stress and hassle away from all of the above and give comfort in knowing we have everything covered!

  • We beautifully custom gift wrap the gift ready for you to give to your loved one!

Thoughtful Gifts

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift... it makes us feel so special when we open a gift that has been made especially for us. Whether it be a personalised gift, a gift based on memories, a gift based on hobbies, passion, life... it gives us butterflies!


Our thoughtful gifting experts come up with unique gifts all customised for the recipient, ideas that no-one else may have ever thought existed! To give you an example, we once provided and delivered some gifts for the King of Spain (yes you read correctly!) Our brief was thoughtful gifts for a man who has everything. So for one of the gifts, we sourced an original authentic Madrid newspaper (his place of birth) from the very day he was born, 30/01/1968! We then beautifully presented it in this wooden box with divine red lining and gift wrapped the gift. This was not an expensive gift, just a very thoughtful one!

Last minute Gifts

Time flies by so quickly right? And before we know it, it's a special persons birthday or your anniversary tomorrow and we've only just remembered!

At The Fussy Shopper, we're here to help take all that stress and anxiety away. We provide 48 hour turnaround gifting solutions, whether it be arranging that Dior handbag she's always wanted delivered with some beautiful roses, or your nephews 5th birthday present - we can take care of it all!

We take your lead on the gift idea, purchase it, beautifully gift wrap it and include a hand written card with your message in it. We then ship it to the recipient or you, with no mention of our involvement!

'Anything is possible' Gifting

When we say anything is possible, we really do mean it!

If you want to get hold of a celebrity owned piece or a super extravagant luxurious gift, we can source it!

Looking for a gift for he who has everything? How about a life size bespoke car model of his favourite car - like this Bugatti Gangloff Type 57 Cabriolet.

With our gifting experts, Worldwide contacts and access to International markets, anything is possible!

Bespoke Hampers

Hampers are always a great gift as you can include your loved ones favourite items to make it extra special and thoughtful. 

We can tailor every part of the hamper to your recipient, from the hamper style, size, colours, contents, gift wrap - it can be completely customised. 

Whatever the brief and budget, we can create it! We also create branded corporate hampers!

Corporate Gifts

At The Fussy Shopper, we provide luxury corporate gift solutions for any size of business at any budget.

Whether you're looking for 50 branded hampers, unique gifts for your clients or luxury thoughtful gifts for your company directors, we take care of it all! Our gifts will always make you stand out from the crowd!



We're based in the UK and deliver Worldwide using our chosen trusted couriers.


We also offer a personal hand delivery service worldwide

upon request.



Our luxury gift wrapping service will personalise and add that really special touch.

We can style and personalise  to order and to suit the unique recipient.



'no find no fee' means you can send us a request with no obligation to make a purchase.

We offer an express turnaround gifting service for you last minute gifters!



International sourcing and contacts offers a unique level of exclusivity and availability.


With our deep industry connections, anything is possible!

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