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Everyone loves a thoughtful gift... it makes us feel so special when we open a gift that has been made especially for us. Whether it be a personalised gift, a gift based on memories, a gift based on hobbies, passion, life... it gives us butterflies!

Our thoughtful gifting experts come up with unique gifts all customised for the recipient, ideas that no-one else may have ever thought existed! To give you an example, we once provided and delivered some gifts for the King of Spain (yes you read correctly!) Our brief was thoughtful gifts for a man who has everything. So for one of the gifts, we sourced an original authentic Madrid newspaper (his place of birth) from the very day he was born, 30/01/1968! We then beautifully presented it in this wooden box with divine red lining and gift wrapped the gift. This was not an expensive gift, just a very thoughtful one!

What other types of gifts do we do...?

Personalised Gifts - we can provide personalised gifting ideas to suit any budget. There's so many gifts that we have personalised for our clients that they never thought could be personalised - but we find a way to make it happen! We can even arrange artist hand painted personalisation of a Hermes Birkin or your favourite Chanel!

Romantic Gifts - not everyone is romantic but don't worry because our thoughtful experts are here to provide you with a fully bespoke romantic gift service. We can arrange everything for you whilst you get to take all of the credit!

Luxury Gifts - we've all done it where we've travelled all the way to a luxury designer store and found out they don't have what we wanted in stock. Or that they won't ship to your home because they don't ship from store (specifically Louis Vuitton). Basically it can be a very time consuming task to purchase from luxury boutiques, but we with our great international contacts, we can source the sold out pieces as well as get out hands on anything within 24-48 hours!

'Anything is possible' Gifts - we always hear the phrase "what can I buy the person that has everything". Well the answer is that our gifting experts here at The Fussy Shopper have a huge array of gift ideas ready to share with you, including the weird and wonderful and extravagant gifts! Get in touch to hear more!

Last minute Gifts - if you're looking for a last minute gift then you've found the perfect place! If you've forgotten an occasion and only just remembered a day before, or you live abroad and want to send something special, then we're here to help. You can always send a gift from an online store but then they include the receipt, don't gift-wrap the item and don't include a card. We on the other hand offer the special touch as if you did it all yourself! We purchase the gift, gift wrap it and include a hand written card with your chosen message. Then we send with no mention of us so they will never know we were involved!

Bespoke Hampers - tailor-made hampers are always a great gift idea as you can include all of the recipients favourite things! We take your recipients favourite things, hobbies brands, alcohol etc., and we'll make up a beautiful hamper to suit your budget!

Corporate Gifts - at The Fussy Shopper, we provide luxury corporate gift solutions for any size of business at any budget. If you're looking to impress your clients or company directors, we'll be sure to WOW them! Branded corporate gifts, luxury corporate gifts, bespoke corporate gifts - we can take care of it all!

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